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Archaeology Soap (aka dinosaur soap, aka paleontology soap)

archeology or paleontology soap: who knows?Over the past week, we've seen a lot of searches for "Archaeology Soap," probably in response to one of our favorite sites (no kidding, not just saying that), Bored Panda.

Since we always endeavor to keep our fingers on the pulse of what people want, I wanted to take this opportunity to settle the archeological investigations into Archeology Soap.

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I AIN'T NO "STINKIN" OUTLAW: The winner of the 2016 bumper sticker contest

I ain't no stinkin' outlaw

The moment you've all been waiting for: THE WINNER OF THE 2016 BUMPER STICKER CONTEST (and whose slogan you'll be proudly sporting on your transportation of choice).

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Vote for the winner of the 2016 Outlaw Soaps Bumper Sticker Competition!

We're excited to bring to you the third annual(ish) Outlaw Soaps Bumper Sticker Competition! We have selected our 7 favorites (which believe you me, was VERY CHALLENGING - y'all are some funny people) and here they are: Loading... In case you're curious about our methods, I copied and pasted them...

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