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Vote for the winner of the 2016 Outlaw Soaps Bumper Sticker Competition!

We're excited to bring to you the third annual(ish) Outlaw Soaps Bumper Sticker Competition! We have selected our 7 favorites (which believe you me, was VERY CHALLENGING - y'all are some funny people) and here they are: Loading... In case you're curious about our methods, I copied and pasted them...

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2016 Bumper Sticker Competition: $100 bounty for your thoughts*

It's time to come up with some fresh bumper sticker slogans, and this year, we've got a hell of a prize: $100!

tl;dr: At the bottom of this page, in the comments, submit your idea for a bumper sticker slogan before October 21. Keep it brief and pithy. We'll consider printing it. If we print it, you get a $100 credit at OutlawSoaps.com

For more info, read on...

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Wild West Quotes

A million ways to die in the west quote animated gif

I had a great need for Wild West Quotes for some packaging, and found a bunch that I thought were charming enough to save:

"Conflict follows wrongdoing as surely as flies...

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