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2017 Bumper Sticker Competition: $100 bounty for your thoughts*

It's time to come up with some fresh bumper sticker slogans, and this year, we've got a hell of a prize: $100! Summary: At the bottom of this page, in the comments, submit your idea for a bumper sticker slogan before May 5. Keep it brief and pithy. We decide...

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How to make body wash in one million easy steps!

Blazing Saddles Body Wash: the sexiest body wash everWe recently announced that we're making Outlaw Soaps Body Wash.

The crowdfunding campaigns were so successful that The Gambler Body Wash was 174% funded and Blazing Saddles Body Wash (the sexiest body wash ever) was 182% funded.

That's fantastic news, and we're really excited, because new product development is an absolute bear. And not a teddy bear, either. It's more like we're Jedediah Smith vs a bear on the trail.

I mean, we're winning, but it's not without a fight.

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Body Wash / Shower Gel: By Popular Demand... but how popular?

Body Wash Shower Gel"WE WANT LIQUID SOAP!" the multitudes cry out!

Since we have a democratic product development process (as much as we can, given that we're also running a business), we hear many requests for certain products. But none has been so persistent and consistent as for shower gel / body wash / liquid soap.

So we've decided to try an experiment here at Outlaw Soaps: Crowdfunding product development.

If you want to cut to the chase and pre-purchase a bottle of body wash, make your selection:

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