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Natural Deodorant: the rigorous testing of this high-stakes product

Natural Deodorant: the rigorous testing of this high-stakes product

hey! the natural deodorant works!

People often ask us to make various products, and we are a highly democratic company, so we often entertain these requests. One such oft-requested products is deodorant.

If you remember from my previous post on How to make body wash in one million easy steps, the first step is researching market viability. In the case of both body was and deodorant, the volume of requests is enough to establish market viability.

The second step is where we always get stuck with deodorant: the ingredients and process to create handmade deodorant (natural or not) is complicated. The packaging and ingredients are expensive. When we do the cost evaluation, we end up with a product that would cost about $25 for one stick of deodorant.

At that point, the market viability drops off. Not many people would like to buy deodorant at $25/item, even if it is amazing stuff.

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The Great Location Saga: The Outlaws officially land in our new location

The Great Location Saga: The Outlaws officially land in our new location

The new warehouseI'm very pleased to report that we signed the lease on our new production facility building!

It has been a real journey, and I know the journey isn't anywhere near over, but it feels like a big step and a lot of worry is beginning to clear like clouds over our heads.

Christmas is our biggest season, and unfortunately this drama started in the middle of us ramping up our production for Christmas.

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Made in the USA, part 3

Made in the USA, part 3

Here we are in colfax, california

To recap:
- We are based in a very small town that was hit hard by The Recession (Colfax, California).
- The money from our business supports local economic recovery, since we are hiring local people and spending at local businesses.
- Because of some complications of "manufacturing" in the historic district, our future in Colfax has been uncertain.
- In the interest of letting you know your impact in the world, I figured you might be interested in the developments of our business in the rural city.

Katie, our production assistantAfter a lot of deliberation, we have decided to try to keep our business in Colfax, while also moving our production to a more industrial area in a nearby town, Grass Valley, California.

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