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Moving mountains with a teaspoon

It has been forever since I wrote in the blog, and for that I am truly sorry.

Not for you, but for me. Recording the epic journey of this business is one of my great therapeutic joys, and I have missed it.

There's no way I can update you on everything, so I will give you the highlight reel (shared with my Kiva Loan Funders and shared with you here):

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas... to us, at least.

This is a big update, so buckle in.

Russ holding a slab of Bacon Soap

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The Next Adventure of Clean Getaway!

clean getaway subscription boxMany people have enjoyed the Clean Getaway Club Subscription Box over the last few years.

The recent theme of Scoutlaws has been an extra fun one, allowing us to learn a whole suite of new and exciting Outlaw skills and earn our merit badges in each proficiency.

Among the feedback we received in the past year is "we really just want more personal care products, not gifts."

We heard you! Starting on January 1, we will have a new Clean Getaway Box, relaunched with only personal care products.

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The Connor Hotel: Jerome, AZ

We are delighted to announce that The Connor Hotel in Jerome, Arizona, now carries Outlaw Soaps!

Outlaw Soaps in Jerome, Arizona

On my long and mostly (unfortunately) undocumented trip through the Southwest, I stopped in Jerome, Arizona.

Jerome is famous because...

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