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"Soap that looks good enough to eat
This bacon soap, from homemade soap company Outlaws, looks and smells like a big slab of breakfast meat. Any bacon lover in your life (we’re sure there are many) will enjoy not only the novelty of this gift, but also the practicality of it. It suds up and gets you as clean as any other bar of soap. Even better, it’s vegan and not tested on animals.
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"Outlaw Soaps' vegan sudser doesn't smell like bacon -- it has a pleasant maple scent -- but it certainly looks like a big, delicious brick of salted pork. It'll simultaneously clean you up and spark your appetite before you head into the kitchen for eggs and toast." Read More
"Take your mountain man back to the park he loves every month with a subscription to Outlaw Soap’s National Park soap of the month club. Not only will he receive the crazy-good-smelling, 100% natural soap but also a Ranger Doug postcard and magnet. He’ll be teleported to Bryce Canyon one month and then back to Crater Lake the next, with the shower as his time machine. At $17, it’s a total steal and $1 of every soap club membership goes in the pocket of the NPS. Win/win." Read More
"They craft natural handmade soaps with scents that take you back to distinct memories. It's the perfect way to make your girl remember that special night on the beach. I had a chat with Danielle to figure out how they get whiskey and bacon into a bar of soap." Read More

"Everyone loves the smell of freshly-cooked bacon in the morning, so it stands to reason that adding the smell of bacon to your morning shower routine could only make it better." Read More

"These awesome smelling handmade soaps come in manly fragrances like 'Fire in the Hole' (campfire, gunpowder, sage, whiskey and bacon) and 'Hair of the Dog' (whiskey and coffee). And the always festive 'Unicorn Poop.'" Read More

"Drink in the whiskey and coffee aroma of Outlaw Soaps’ Hair of the Dog soap and whiskey shaving soap, and fix dry hands and lips with lotion in a stick and whiskey cola lip balm. Includes a shaving brush, enamelware mug, nail brush, and soap tray." Read More

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"Outlaw Soaps is the sudsy, quirky creation of husband and wife team Russ and Danielle. With soaps like Unicorn Poop, Hair of the Dog, and Lust in the Dust, you know these guys know how to have a good time. But they’re also savvy business owners who can teach you a thing or two about moving from fulfilling orders themselves to using Fulfillment by Amazon." Read More

"They say that the morning breeze in the desert is one of its most beautiful aspects. If you like the deserts and the humdrum activity that can go about them, then you will also be familiar with the heat that it can generate. And this soap is made to tackle the rough environment. " Read More

"There's no better way to start your Saturday (or Tuesday, depending) than with whiskey and coffee, but now you can take the same comforting scent with you into the shower to cross off item number two on the recovery list." Read More

"Outlaw Soaps are bringing the funk with such masculine soaps as Fire in the Hole: Campfire Soap, Hangman's Soap and Bacon Soap."

(article has since been removed)

"Empty whiskey bottles in the dirt.Shotgun shells spewing smoke in the tall grass.Bacon crackling over a campfire.Yep. Beats Irish Spring every time..." Read More

"Aaah, nichts geht über den Duft von frisch geröstetem Bacon am Morgen! Wer sich nicht nur sprichwörtlich sondern tatsächlich damit 'einreiben' möchte, kann jetzt zur leckeren Bacon-Seife greifen. Das können sogar Vegetarier und Veganer tun, da die Bacon-Seife ausschließlich aus natürlichen und veganen Bestandteilen besteht." (translation: "Aaah, nothing beats the smell of freshly cooked bacon in the morning! If you want to not only bathe in it, but literally bathe in it, you can get this delicious bacon soap.") Read More

"These awesome smelling handmade bars are available in manly fragrances ranging from 'Fire in the Hole' (campfire, gunpowder, sage, and bacon) to 'Hangman’s Soap' (sandalwood, gunpowder, sage, and dirt) to 'Unicorn Poop' (birthday cake, blueberry muffin, cola, butterscotch, and vanilla) and beyond." Read More

"There may be no shortage of gift options when you're shopping for a guy who likes shaving, whiskey or history but none are as clever—or smell as delightful—as this multi-tasking shaving kit from Outlaw Soaps."

(article has since been removed from the site)

"These Handmade bars of manly goodness come in a variety of scents that also look the part, such as Fire In The Hole, that hints of campfire, gunpowder, whiskey, and bacon—along with the coffee and whiskey scented Hair Of The Dog, a nice way to recover from a night of unadulterated partying." Read More

"Leave bland bar soaps to the sensitive skinned and spice up your showering experience instead with Outlaw Soaps. Every bar of soap in their extensive collection is made to smell like stuff that’ll get you off your sofa and out the door, hopefully into a forest, up a mountain, or at the very least into a pool, to remind you that the daily grind isn’t what life's about." Read More

"The sparkle-packed soap is 'hewn from solid rainbows' and is a layered assortment of delicious scents like birthday cake, blueberry muffin, cola, butterscotch, and vanilla. Outlaw Soaps also sells Bacon Soap — which both looks and smells like bacon, but doesn't taste like bacon — and Hair of the Dog, which is made using whiskey and coffee." Read More
"Outlaw Soaps are made for men who are OK being themselves." Read More

"Bacon is the ultimate meat that goes great with everything: burgers, pork chops, soups, tacos, salads, pasta, and more... It just makes everything else taste better–including you, but instead of taste, it works wonders in the 'smell' department." Read More


"Og bare rolig, lige som der ikke er babyer i babymad, er der heller ingen svin i baconsæben." (translation: "And do not worry, just as there are no babies in baby food, there is no pork in bacon soap.") Read More


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