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Outlaw Soaps are high quality vegan handmade soaps and lotions with beautifully rich colors and compelling visual designs. Our soaps, lotions, lip balms, and colognes tell stories with scent, color, and feeling.

We want to supply you and your store with excellent handmade personal products at keystone prices.

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Find us at one of these upcoming shows:

August 12 - 14 : POOL Trade Show in Las Vegas in booth 50523

August 21 - 24 : Dallas Western Market in booth 908

Or, if you would like to know more about us first, here's what customers are sayin'

Our Customers LOVE Outlaw Soaps:

"Add me to the list of those who sniff the soaps like a drug. I LOVE Blazing Saddles and it makes me so happy when I get in the shower." - Rita M. 
"Ever take a walk through the Angeles National Forest during the summer? And you keep getting whiffs of something magical? ... Outlaw Soaps - Sage Copper Canyon can do the same thing. Put you in a trance. Without the fear of stepping on a rattlesnake. It's that magical." - Rebecca S. 

“A Stunner. Amazingly true-to-life leather (which is not easy to do!) and sandalwood.  Like walking into an old boot cobbler’s shop. Drys down to mellow gunpowder after a few hours.  My new signature.”  - Ben F.

“Smells Amazing. If you’re tired of all the frou-frou stuff.  Men or women can wear this. It’s amazing.” – Germaine D.

“First of all – 5 stars! Buy this Stuff! When you get ready in the morning for that busy day of meetings and handing out employee discipline, put two pumps of Badlands on your chest and before it gets dry, wipe your wrist across that spot.  Then anytime you want to be in a different place, take a hit off that wrist. You are in the woods, breaking last night’s camp, packing up among the Pines, finishing the coffee and drowning last nights coals. Good things are coming today….”  John W.

“I smell handsome.”  Ryan T.

“Heaven scent! Where do I start? Bought this on a whim. Thought it would be funny to show friends. Little did I know I would be inundated with compliments…..Needless to say, I’m a huge fan!”  Donn S.


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