Outlaw Soaps wholesale is excellent business for your store!

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Outlaw Soaps are high quality, vegan handmade soaps and lotions with beautifully rich colors and compelling visual designs. Our soaps, lotions, lip balms, and colognes tell stories with scent, color, and feeling.

Click here to see our soap displays in some of our current customers' stores.

We want to supply you and your store with excellent wholesale handmade personal products at keystone prices.

Customers love Outlaw Soaps:

"Add me to the list of those who sniff the soaps like a drug. I LOVE Blazing Saddles and it makes me so happy when I get in the shower." - Rita Manachi
"I was not a 'soap person' until Outlaw Soaps." - Eric Trueheart
"Ever take a walk through the Angeles National Forest during the summer? And you keep getting whiffs of something magical? ... Outlaw Soaps - Sage Copper Canyon can do the same thing. Put you in a trance. Without the fear of stepping on a rattlesnake. It's that magical." - Rebecca Spinnelli

And store owners love Outlaw Soaps:

"I have a feeling we are going to blow through this past order!" - Melissa, Frenchtown Dry Goods
"Thanks for making kick ass soap!" - Rhyder, twine.
"Time to reorder!" - Kerri, Marion & Rose's Workshop

Five Amazing Facts About Outlaw Soaps Wholesale Program

1. We ship as fast as possible for items that are in stock, usually within a few days!

2. We can make quite large quantities of soap for you (given a bit of lead time)!

3. We support you both on our website in the "where to buy" page and also on all our social medias!

4. We work with you on creating a compelling Outlaw Soaps display, even sending along adorable vintage drawers and whatnot!

Let's get started!

To get your order started, either fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page, or call our general voicemail at (559) 99-SOAPY (it may take us a couple days to respond to phone messages).

Getting your store set up takes just minutes, and we can get an order to you within the week! (usually)

We're really excited to work with you!

Cult of Gemini 

Some Things You Should Know (aka "terms")

We usually have stock on hand and can ship your order within one week (usually less).

If your order is quite large we may need more time. This is because we sometimes need to order special supplies and our soaps take time to make. We're a relatively tiny operation, so it's hard to keep huge amounts of stock on hand.

We require full payment before shipment.

We can accept pretty much any payment method except for wampum (though if it's really good wampum, we might make an exception).

We have a $150 minimum order.

We generally don't do consignment.

We are the sole distributor of our products on sites like Amazon and eBay.

If you intend to advertise our products for less than the published retail price, you must get prior written approval from us.

If you would like us to drop ship, we do not offer wholesale pricing for that.

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