We don't usually reveal our true identities, but since you're on the inside, we may as well show you around.
Danielle Vincent La Jefa

Danielle "La Jefa" Vincent

Danielle Vincent, born in Los Angeles, and raised in Seattle. After more than 10 years as a corporate Digital Product Manager for such sites as Oprah.com, ABC.com, and ABCFamily.com, Danielle quit her career and pulled up her rubber gloves to make a living manufacturing and selling soaps as Outlaw Soaps. Her experience with social media, product management, web analytics, business, and design have made Outlaw Soaps into a personal experiment as she finds out what happens when she applies her largely digital learnings to the real world.

Russ Vincent El Guapo Outlaw Soaps

Russell "El Guapo" Vincent

Russell Vincent, raised in California, Wyoming, North Dakota, Montana, and other dusty, cold, wild places. He even had a horse named Geronimo when he was a kid. His passion is helping people and fixings thing....oh, and fire. He quit his corporate job over ten years ago to do what he loves. That's included selling vintage European cars, working as a producer for the Discovery Channel, and now being the Handsome Handyman. Known to spend most of his vacations camping in the desert, he loves road trips and being outdoors, the smell of the forest, ocean and plains.

Ruth Ridgway The Huckleberry

Ruth "The Huckleberry" Ridgway

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Lydia Klem La Bandida wholesale soap sales manager

Lydia "La Bandida" Klem

Lydia Klem resides in beautiful Santa Cruz, Californ-i-a, but is originally from Omaha, Nebraska and arrived in the golden state by way of Galveston, Texas. After nearly 15 years of slangin' swag for The Man in Silicon Valley, she decided to hang up her commuter hat and ride off into the sunset and do her own thing in her little beach town. Her love of all things squeaky clean combined with nearly a decade's worth of La Jefa's friendship made her a natural Outlaw candidate and she gladly joined this motley crew in late Summer of 2016.