Outlaw muscians: Share your music with us! - #OutlawMusic

Outlaw muscians: Share your music with us! - #OutlawMusic

Caleb Mabry Outlaw MusicWhile perusing our Twitter feed the other day, I noticed one of our customers, Caleb Mabry, singing and playing his guitar all awesomely.

It gave me an idea: I know several of our customers are musicians and are passionate about our products, and I know that our customers who aren't musicians are fans of music... isn't this a good match? Botheration it is!

So we'd like to highlight your music from time to time.

Can you share a link to your music below? We'd like to put together a YouTube playlist and, if you're on Spotify, a Spotify one too.

When you share on social media, can you tag it with #OutlawMusic so we can get a notification and share it from there?

Everyone else: You can follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to keep up with our musical friends!

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Cindy Emch - September 26, 2018

Now that I’ve listened to instructions

Youtube playlist of Secret Emchy content:

Spotify Secret Emchy Station:


Ghost Town Gospel - August 14, 2018

Ghost Town Gospel- Oakland Americana.

IG: @Ghosttowngospel

Jane Fontana - August 14, 2018

What a great idea!
I break all kinds of laws in my head and in my music. Now we can be accomplices.
I am just about to officially release this. Hear it from Outlaw Soaps first!

Cindy Emch - August 14, 2018

Spotify link!


Erin O'Dowd - August 11, 2018

Hey Outlaw Soaps!! Thanks for the Twitter follow. Excited to try some soaps!

Check out my YouTube video for “Trick Pony” which premiered on American Songwriter… http://americansongwriter.com/2018/03/erin-odowd-preps-new-album-old-town-debuts-trick-pony/

And listen to the full album on Spotify!

Erin O’Dowd

Buck Down - August 9, 2018

Hi folks.

My name is buck and I wrote a record for you. It’s about you and me and us, and what a weird and beautiful world it is. It’s about nostalgia, which is really just a fancy word for looking on the bright side of regret. It’s also about right the fuck now.

I played pretty much everything on this record and produced it myself. There’s a couple nice cameos from my friends JONATHAN SEGEL from Camper Van Beethoven and MISS ROACHIE DEVLIN from Ghost Town Gospel, as well a some swell piano on one song by the preternaturally talented DANNY GRAZIAN.

You can pay whatever you want (including nothing) for a digital copy of it, but it’s meant to be experienced on vinyl, which is the only physical medium I wanted it made on.

Any which way you want it – you can have it by going right here:


I also have a new fighting song for this years midterm elections you can sing ; https://buckaedown.bandcamp.com/track/greetings-from-the-resistance


Alice Austin - August 9, 2018

Soaper Doper! ✨🤘🏼✨
Check out my new EP, ‘Dirt And Helicopters’ for some rock and roll, and ‘Cowboy Summer’ for some killer alt-country… wherever you stream your music. ❤️❤️❤️

Cindy Emch - August 9, 2018

OMG YAAAAAAS! Queer Outlaw Country coming at you!


<3 <3 <3

I’m an outlaw… I smell like fire and WHISKEY!

Azsa Hanson & Steve Peterson - August 9, 2018

Whiskey Monday is on You Tube, Spotify, itunes, Reverb Nation, fb, etc
Steve can be reached directly at lucidsound@aol.com

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