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Countdown to Christmas: Day 3 - Not a creature was stirring, not even a Vincent

You know how you get that huge rush of energy when you have waaaaaaay too much to do, and then once things kind of settle down, you're just exhausted?

We poured the last of the ThinkGeek soap yesterday. It was a huge milestone and we celebrated by getting out to sushi, then coming home and watching a bunch of TV in bed until we fell asleep at ... ok ... not kidding ... 7:30.

And then I slept a lot of today.

And I'm already tired. At 6pm.

So this is going to be a really short entry.

My mom's on her way, the dogs are nestled in their bee outfits, and we're watching some terrible comedy on Netflix.

Not a creature was stirring, because phew. PHEW.

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