The Final Day of the IBN 30 Challenge

Here we are on the last day of what has been one of the quickest months I can remember. Every day for 30 days, I have written at least one entry in this here blog, in addition to my regular duties of writing newsletters, writing product descriptions, filling orders, and generally running our business. (see my first entry here)

What have I taken away from this?

I expected to learn that writing was not such a big deal once you set your mind to it, that the business of blogging daily wasn’t going to be a challenge to a seasoned writer like myself, and that I probably would just bank many entries at the beginning and then schedule them for the rest of the 30 days, setting my feet up and watching the accolades roll in.

In short: I was an arrogant fool.

This challenge has been hard.

It has been a real challenge, not just an exercise. I surprised myself with the lengths to which I will procrastinate writing a simple 200 word piece (the minimum in the challenge), and also the lengths to which I will go to execute the entries. For example, I spent part of 4th of July in the middle of nowhere in a crazy storm, standing outside in sock feet, dancing on plant spikes, and waving my phone around desperately trying to get a signal to post an entry.

I could have been struck down by lightening because I Refused. To. Miss. Even. One. Entry.

(It was a shitty entry, but I did it)

Russ is working the booth at Renegade because I needed to write this entry and I almost missed last night’s deadline because I was exhausted from the first day of Renegade. Yes, 29 days of continuous blogging almost ruined in one night.

But I got the entry in at pretty much exactly the deadline, and here I am blogging again for the last day of the challenge.

Writing has gotten easier, but my quality has suffered. I can’t decide what is better: quality or quantity.

If you have said “I know I should blog, but I don’t have the time or know what to write about,” do the 30 day challenge. There is always something to write about. You always have the time.

Thank you for being on this journey with me.



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