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How to make body wash in one million easy steps!

Blazing Saddles Body Wash: the sexiest body wash everWe recently announced that we're making Outlaw Soaps Body Wash.

The crowdfunding campaigns were so successful that The Gambler Body Wash was 174% funded and Blazing Saddles Body Wash (the sexiest body wash ever) was 182% funded.

That's fantastic news, and we're really excited, because new product development is an absolute bear. And not a teddy bear, either. It's more like we're Jedediah Smith vs a bear on the trail.

I mean, we're winning, but it's not without a fight.

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Body Wash / Shower Gel: By Popular Demand... but how popular?

Body Wash Shower Gel"WE WANT LIQUID SOAP!" the multitudes cry out!

Since we have a democratic product development process (as much as we can, given that we're also running a business), we hear many requests for certain products. But none has been so persistent and consistent as for shower gel / body wash / liquid soap.

So we've decided to try an experiment here at Outlaw Soaps: Crowdfunding product development.

If you want to cut to the chase and pre-purchase a bottle of body wash, make your selection:

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The Soap Sack?

The soap sack: boulce soap bag

This here is a soft "boulce" (so says the description on the wholesale site) soap bag with the remnants of a bar of Lust in the Dust all squished up inside.

I have been using this little sack for the past two or so weeks. I ordered these on a whim just to see how they worked out, and then totally forgot about them until Ruth asked me what we're going to do with them. I asked to try one, and now here you're seeing the results of those weeks of testing.

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New Product Developments: On the horizon of the Outlaw landscape

Body Wash Shower Gel

One of the fun parts of our jobs is inventing.

But due to the nature of our business (outlined at the bottom of this post), we can't do a whole lot of it.

Spring, though, is time for us to order a whole messa new supplies and start inventing with great fervor, since whatever we invent in the Spring, we're stuck with for the rest of the year. And if we don't invent something in the Spring, we don't get to start inventing it at any other time, since it's too close to Christmas (yes, really).

Here are some exciting products that we're working on this Spring! Look for these in April and May!

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Archaeology Soap (aka dinosaur soap, aka paleontology soap)

archeology or paleontology soap: who knows?Over the past week, we've seen a lot of searches for "Archaeology Soap," probably in response to one of our favorite sites (no kidding, not just saying that), Bored Panda.

Since we always endeavor to keep our fingers on the pulse of what people want, I wanted to take this opportunity to settle the archeological investigations into Archeology Soap.

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2016 Bumper Sticker Competition: $100 bounty for your thoughts*

It's time to come up with some fresh bumper sticker slogans, and this year, we've got a hell of a prize: $100!

tl;dr: At the bottom of this page, in the comments, submit your idea for a bumper sticker slogan before October 21. Keep it brief and pithy. We'll consider printing it. If we print it, you get a $100 credit at

For more info, read on...

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Coming soon, to a shower near you: THE CURSED COWBOY!

Cursed Cowboy clove and campfire soap

It was a morning not unlike this very morning, when The Cursed Cowboy sauntered out of the shower, followed by a memory of a clove-spicy campfire.

Just a month ago, we offered The Cursed Cowboy for pre-order... and now that day has nearly arrived! Hundreds of bars will be landing in the hands of shower-starved men and women across the country.

We're sending out all the pre-orders on September 15.

Did you miss out on the pre-order?

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What we did on our Summer "vacation": Visited Rye Patch and Elko, Nevada

Rye Patch, Nevada

One of the highlights of this Summer has been our travel adventures.

When the Western Folklife Center in Elko, Nevada (home of the world famous Cowboy Poetry Gathering) wrote us about carrying our soaps, I was beside myself with excitement. Here was this place that I had been fantasizing about going to... and they wanted our products!! It was one of those celebrity moments.

It also happened to be around the Perseid Meteor Shower, so, with multiple kinds of stars in our eyes, we decided to set out across the fair state of Nevada and make our way to Elko.

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Howdy, Ruth!

Ruth Ridgway: newest Outlaw at large!Russ and I are very excited to introduce Ruth, our newest honest-to-goodness Customer Service and Fulfillment Manager!

We're just amazed she found us, and is such a perfect fit for our company.

Her cover letter is a real masterpiece (and also gives a lot of information about her, with relation to the job we posted), so she said it was ok if I just copied and pasted it:

... (seriously, you gotta read this)

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Moving mountains with a teaspoon

It has been forever since I wrote in the blog, and for that I am truly sorry.

Not for you, but for me. Recording the epic journey of this business is one of my great therapeutic joys, and I have missed it.

There's no way I can update you on everything, so I will give you the highlight reel (shared with my Kiva Loan Funders and shared with you here):

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas... to us, at least.

This is a big update, so buckle in.

Russ holding a slab of Bacon Soap

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The Next Adventure of Clean Getaway!

clean getaway subscription boxMany people have enjoyed the Clean Getaway Club Subscription Box over the last few years.

The recent theme of Scoutlaws has been an extra fun one, allowing us to learn a whole suite of new and exciting Outlaw skills and earn our merit badges in each proficiency.

Among the feedback we received in the past year is "we really just want more personal care products, not gifts."

We heard you! Starting on January 1, we will have a new Clean Getaway Box, relaunched with only personal care products.

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