Life in the Soap Lane

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  • In Los Angeles, where this all started

    Posted on July 20 2017

    It has been a whirlwind of travel in the past few weeks, finally landing me in Los Angeles for LA Mart, a West Coast gift show.

    Back in 2013, we started Outlaw Soaps in a warehouse in Los Angeles (where we were living with six of our friends). Russ and I had been looking for a way to move out to the country and maybe have a goat or stock photos of people on decks drinking coffeetwo, have some gravel under our boots, and drink steaming coffee on our deck in the cool morning air, just like in the stock photos and Instagrams.

    At the time, our lives resembled the exact opposite of that. Our loft didn't even have a window, let alone windows large enough to be sliding doors. But it was a dream, and we were pretty dang clear about it.


  • Outlaw Soaps part of Whole Foods Local Producer Grant Program!!!

    Posted on July 12 2017

    Outlaw Soaps Whole Foods Local Producer Grant

    We are truly honored (and giddy with excitement) to share that Outlaw Soaps has been selected for the Local Producer Grant.


  • On my way to Cosmoprof Convention in Las Vegas!

    Posted on July 08 2017

    Cosmoprof conference in Las VegasI'm writing this from the Sacramento airport, and I'm SO EXCITED I COULD SPIT! (side note: no idea what that means, but it seems appropriate)

    If you've been following along with our business, you might know that we're an incredibly small team. Like, really, just four people holding this whole ridiculous enterprise together.

    I know. You've probably fallen to the floor in shock that a wild bunch of ruffians could hold together a professional enterprise such as this.

    But it's true.


  • As seen on Instagram (photos from friends and customers)

    Posted on July 07 2017

    Special limited edition Fight Club soap for our subscription box subscribers

    We've written many posts about how much we love our customers. It's no lie: y'all are the best best best. I love following our customers on Instagram, because we really do have the most interesting, fun, cool customers.

    From time to time, we get tagged in posts, and it always blows me away with happiness.

    Because I have not much else to write about today, I figured I could share some of the recent shout-outs on Instagram:


  • The Cursed Cowboy Returns!

    Posted on July 06 2017

    Cursed Cowboy Clove Soap

    Our tremendously popular clove and campfire soap returns a couple months early

    Every year, we release this very special limited edition Cursed Cowboy soap to much fanfare. Last year, we even presold 150 bars because that's exactly how popular it is!




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