Handmade The Outlaw's Life Solid Cologne Trio
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The remedy for that in-between-adventures feeling!

You know that feeling, right?

You're ordinarily out adventuring - camping, using a hatchet for something, gunfighting, lighting an explosive object on fire - but right now, you're sitting on your couch in your robe working on a product description for your website (or maybe that's just me).

But you don't have wallow in that couch-bound-writer smell! You can smell like the heroes of the Wild West all the time, adventure or no adventure!

This trio includes:

Each cologne comes in a 1 oz tin. Just circle your warm finger on the surface for a little bit, and then apply to pulse points (or wherever you want). Personally, I just rub the surface of the cologne right on my wrists and leave out the middle man.

Ingredients: beeswax, grape seed, coco butter, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, rosemary seed, and fragrance oil.



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