We're OPEN in Colfax

Our tentative hours are going to be:

Friday: 1 - 6
Saturday: 12 - 5
Sunday: 12 - 5

We're excited to announce that we've opened our VERY OWN STORE.

Our shop is in Gold Country (yeah!), next to the first trans-continental railroad stop (YEAH!), in the original freight room on the freight platform from the 1890s (YEAAAAAHHHH!), on the historic Main St (YEAHHHHH!!!!!).

Ummmmm... but don't have too high of expectations

So, yes, you'll be able to come visit us and see where we make all the stuff, but this is going to be my first ever retail shop owner experience. I've had tons of retail experience as a clerk, but actually having the full responsibility of the store is going to be very new.

That's why we've only got tentative hours. You know, we're not sure when most people are going to be around and looking for new, illicit soap sources.