Basics about Outlaw Soaps

  1. All soap, lotions, lip balms, and colognes are handmade in small batches.
  2. We make all the soap and oils ourselves. The lotions, lip balms, and colognes are made by my friend. I send her our scent blends. It is all sold as "Outlaw Soaps."
  3. We started the business in March 2013.
  4. We are based in lovely Colfax, California in Gold Country.
  5. Our soaps and oils are vegan. The lotions, lip balms, and colognes all contain beeswax.
  6. We do not test on animals. Even our own dogs are woefully unbathed.
  7. We send out products for review. Please read our guide for bloggers first.


If you want to write something about us and are looking for high resolution photos, here’s what we’ve got: This Dropbox Folder

Thanks for your interest in Outlaw Soaps, handmade soap, lotion, lip balm, and colognes for adventurous people.


Here’s our press blurb:

About Outlaw SoapsOutlaw Soaps

Founded on January 3, 2013 and launched on March 15, 2013, Outlaw Soaps is based in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and all our soaps are made by hand by husband and wife team Russ and Danielle Vincent. The soaps are available for sale online at:

Urban Daddy wrote “If you could somehow fuse the general feel of colonial America with the general mad genius soap-mastery of Tyler Durden from Fight Club, you’d get… something really weird. Like these soaps. Which, by personal hygiene fragrance standards, are a little weird. Good weird.”

Outlaw Soaps has been featured in WIRED, Food Network Magazine (print), VICE,,, Cool Material,Thrillist, The Awesomer, and Urban Daddy.

The soaps are all vegan and have never been tested on animals, except Roxy for bath time. She is actively petitioning to end baths for animals. The packaging biodegrades fully.

Our products are available on and some are available at select retailers worldwide (check our "Where to Buy" page). We have also recently been working with Whole Foods Markets, so by press time, we might be available there too, on a store-by-store basis.

Please write me at danielle(at) or use the contact form below if you'd like any more information, photos, whatnot!

Bloggers: Please read this first.

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