Calamity Jane Natural Lotion

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Smell like a legend!

  • Smells of warm clove, sweet cinnamon, vanilla bean, spicy ginger, whiskey, and a hint of orange.
  • Doesn’t smell like the actual Calamity Jane (who was known to drink until she passed out in the stable.)
  • Made with love and laughter (and all-vegan oils.)
  • Makes you want to rewatch all three seasons of Deadwood
  • Perky, spicy, crisp scent.

Calamity Jane was a great American frontierswoman and professional scout, known associate of Wild Bill Hickok, and one of the most notoriously badass women of the Wild West. She gave ZERO F*CKS FOREVER so that we don’t have to EVER. We would be failing our historical duties if we didn't honor this lady with the badass bar soap she so sorely needed.

Now, we can’t imagine with her heavy drinking and aversion to cleanliness, that she smelled anything like citrus and warm spices like this here soap does, so instead of her ripe, lingering odor, we’ve just captured the spirit of Ol’ Calamity J.

Water, Sweet Almond Oil, Shea Butter, Emulsifying Wax, Avocado Oil, Steric Acid, Optiphen Plus, and Fragrance.

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