Life in the Soap Lane


On Soaps and Backorders!

Here's a picture of our tired and over-excited dog! I'm showing you this picture because I want to have a nice, happy lead in to the subject of BACKORDERS. Some of our soaps have been so popular we have sold...

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Or a bar of soap, or a sticker... The Kickstarter for our invention launched and you can go fund it here. Do it! Incentives available for as little as ONE MEASLY DOLLAR, shipping included!

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"So, how's business?"

I get asked this question quite often -- Often enough that I thought about putting it in the FAQ (by definition, it is frequent), but then I thought, eh, I'll just write a blog post. According to the people who...

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Well, this is kind of awkward...

You know how sometimes you might have an idea, and then someone says, “hey, that’s not right. You should do it this other way,” and you’re all “nah. that’s not the way I think things should go,” but then after...

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Our soap is a very fine pregnancy craving!

From one of our pregnant customers: Dear Outlaw lovers, idk what it is that went in that soap or what its superheroic extra powers are now that I've gotten preggerz but some of my cravings are to have to shower...

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Well, thank you very much!!

I got this in my inbox yesterday: Today I received my order of Sin O Men soap (plus the bunkhouse stampede sample you threw in there). The soaps smell and look fantastic. You will most definitely have my business again,...

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