The Luck of the Draw: Cologne pre-orders and a special gift

The Luck of the Draw: Cologne pre-orders and a special gift

The day is upon us! The delivery date is secure enough for us to announce the pre-sale of the cologne!

[Flustered hand-waving]

Places! Places everyone!!!

Esteemed Outlaws and Associates,

It is my honor and pleasure to bring you the FIRST and limited edition run of Outlaw Colognes. The first scents available are our three most popular:

  1. Blazing Saddles (the sexiest cologne ever)
  2. The Gambler (bourbon, tobacco, and leather)
  3. Fire in the Hole (explosively awesome)

For now, we will be making 15 of each scent. Why 15? Because... reason. I don't know. It's a good number. It's what we could afford. Don't look at me! I do what I want!

These will be so limited we're going to hand number the first batch and you'll be part of Outlaw history (though we do hope you'll use the cologne and not just store it as a relic of early Outlaw days, sweet as they may be).

If you're a subscriber to the Outlaw's Accomplice, our newsletter, you'll be gettin' a special code as soon as I collect myself to send the newsletter. And they said crime didn't pay... psha.

This is technically a soft launch, as we say in the marketing-weasel circles. We hope you'll be ok with us being a little rough around the edges. I even wrote a page explaining what the preorder thing is.

We're going to do the best we can to send these out right on September 1, but if we slip a day or two, please understand that our ability to pull off a heist led us to start a soap business, so... let's just say that large-scale planning (heist or otherwise) isn't our strongest suit.

Questions? Comments?

As always, it's an honor to serve you excellent roughians and gentlefolk.

In wildness,
Danielle & Russ Vincent

P.S. If you want to jump the line and not bother with that newsletter promo code stuff, you can buy the cologne for $100. It's our little way of accepting bribery.

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