| by Danielle Vincent

The hitch in our giddy-up

We've been working hard to get our new site (and accompanying loyalty program) launched by the end of this week, but mi amigos, it isn't gonna happen.

As a former website project manager, I know how stressful launching a new website can be, especially if there are deadlines looming like a pterodactyl (OMG I SPELLED THAT WITHOUT SPELLCHECK).

Since we started this business, one commitment that I made about our company is NO ARTIFICIAL DEADLINES. When I worked in entertainment, we had tons of real deadlines (a tv show launching or ending, for example), but we also had tons of fake deadlines (we told a high-level exec - read: Oprah that we'd launch something on a certain day and come Hell or high water, we'd launch on that day if it was the last dad-gum thing we did in our lives).

And we worked ourselves to the bone.

Often, for these fake deadlines.

So when we started this business, I decided that if we have the time, we take the time. We take the time to make it right (well, "right enough," since we're still outlaws), even if that means delaying launch of something.

There are some things that require absolute adherence to deadlines. We're shipping a Whole Foods order this week, and it has to be in-store by August 12 (that's THIS MONDAY)... so we're on a serious hustle for that deadline... but for the website (and accompanying loyalty program), well, if it takes an extra week (or even an extra two weeks), we'll take that time.

We hope you'll enjoy it when it launches, and thank you so much for your patience!


As a side note, I just was entering in the loyalty rewards in our system today, and one of them is A TATTOO, and another is A LITERAL CANOE. So it's some pretty exciting stuff

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