| by Danielle Vincent

Thanks for the loot!

Wednesday, we launched a Kiva loan for $10,000 to support Outlaw Soaps growth and proliferation!

I was FLABBERGASTED that the loan was fully funded in under 36 hours... that's TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS in under 36 hours!!!! (with a matching fund from ebay) HOLY MOLY, OUTLAWS!

Not only that, people were still trying to give us money after the loan was fully funded... because that's just the kind of folks you are: a-fricken-mazing.

I've been at a small business accelerated MBA type program at Babson College, sponsored by Goldman Sachs, all week. We don't have any formal experience in business - we started this company with an idea, and we taught ourselves how to do everything as we went along.

The tools I learned this week, combined with the $10,000 loan, are like gasoline and sparks all in one barrel.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being part of this business. We depend on you and your support, both as customers and as friends. It means a lot that you have chosen to be part of what we're building here.

Danielle Vincent

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