Life in the Soap Lane


Whole Foods: go get us (continued!!!!)

outlaw soaps handmade soaps and lotions in campbell whole foodsI'm proud and excited to announce that you can now get Outlaw Soaps handmade soap, lotion, and lip balms (because HECK YEAH WHISKEY LIP BALM) in the Whole Foods in Folsom (yes, the Folsom where Johnny Cash was allegedly being held for killing a man in Reno, despite that being totally out of Folsom's jurisdiction), the Whole Foods in Campbell (which I don't think has anything to do with soup), and the Whole Foods in Monterey (which incidentally is the model of my first classic car, the Mercury Monterey).
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DIY Display (or, rather, DIO - do it ourselves)

A couple weeks ago, I got a source on some amazing wine barrels for only $60 each (usually, they're lots more). I drove up to Napa and picked them up right away, because, hey! Wine barrels!

Today, I did some fancy stencil work on the barrels and some crates, which you can check out here:

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