Life in the Soap Lane


Unpack your bags and stay a while! - or - Starting a business makes you effin' cray cray

all things are difficult before they are easy

"That's it. We're never going to sell anything ever again. No one likes our products. We should just give up." - Me after getting 0 orders in one 24 hour period


We're going to CRUSH this year! WE ARE UNSTOPPABLE!" - Me after getting 10 orders in one 24 hour period

When people think of entrepreneurial life, they often envision a happy, self-assured pioneer! If they've met any actual entrepreneurs, they also probably know about the long hours and unsteady income, sleepless nights, abandoned family, and sometimes financial ruin.

And that's all superficial stuff...

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We're on vacation!

This will be the first real vacation we've taken since we started the business and I'm kind of anxious... I mean, what if orders come in when we're gone? What if we get a big PO and can't make soaps in time because we're out of our workshop? What if... nothing happens, no one orders anything, we get no more wholesale inquiries, and we have to close the business ALL BECAUSE WE TOOK A VACATION?

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The art of jumping.

I take a lot of risks in my life. I risk financial security, career stability, stability of my heart and mind, and a stability of living situation.

To me, life is messy and unstable.

Whenever I have made decisions based on what is the most stable, I have always reflected on that as a bad decision in hindsight.

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Josie Bassett: frontier woman, outlaw, badass

In my research on Butch Cassidy's Wild Bunch for the limited edition soap release, ahem, tomorrow, I found out about Josie Bassett, January 17, 1874 – May 1, 1964 (which means she was born 100 years and 363 days before I was, if my math is correct). Josie was amazing because...
  • she was one of the famed "Bassett Sisters" who helped out the Wild Bunch frequently (and was romantically involved with them off and on)
  • her and her sister's association with many famous (and deadly) outlaws meant neighboring ranchers trying to run the ladies off their land couldn't hire anyone to do their dirty work, and even the local police wouldn't convict them of various crimes of which they were accused (mostly rustling)...
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Joshua Tree: The Inspiration for Dusty Trails

If you'd like to try the products inspired by Joshua Tree, check them out here. Photo Notes: I many, many, many photos of Joshua Tree to include even a significant fraction here (at least a thousand). I have included some at...

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