Life in the Soap Lane


Grand Soapening and the new store!

Some big news happened since the beginning of this month and I haven't said ANYTHING about it here on the blog.

our soap store getting ready for our grand opening in the sierra foothills

This is actually quite insane, but the reason is because we have been working our tails off and haven't been able to sufficiently focus on the store, the grand soapening, or even maintaining regular hours.

It may surprise you to know that opening a retail store hasn't ever been a big dream of ours. But...

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Breaking through creative blocks: How to draw inspiration from a stone - WARNING: strong language and a playful representation of Jesus

Or maybe not a stone… maybe that metaphor doesn’t work. I don’t know. It’s 4pm and I’m working on this doomed piece of blank screen so I can make my deadline for the blog post and publish it by 6am tomorrow.

The irony: It is punching me in the face like a mighty fist piston.

Lori asked about what I do when I have creative blocks. Here I am, at nearly the 11th hour, showing you exactly where it’s at:

I’m working anyway.

My creative window is between...
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10 Quotes to Inspire Great Work

We believe in the importance and value of diligent work. Our business requires it and we're (usually) happy to roll up our sleeves, pull up our gloves, and get stuff done.

These are quotes that inspire us as we do our work. If they also inspire you, we hope you will share them.

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