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Perfect companion gifts for the Outlaw Soaps lover in your life

Outlaws are loyal to their favorite soaps (ahem, that's us), but what's the perfect gift for people who are serious fans of Outlaw? Accessories, of course!

Below is a list of companion gifts that make a perfect finishing touch to the gift of Outlaw Soaps!

The Jack Dopp Kit // Black Waxed Canvas Expandable Dopp Kit

Travel dopp kit for men and women

This classy number is the perfect holster for all Outlaw products. Made with water-resistant waxed canvas, you don't need to worry about anything getting in or out of your precious loot. Plus, it's expandable, so you'll have ample room for all your favorite smell-good gear.

From ItalicHome - $55


Carbon Fiber Comb with Leather Sheath

carbon fiber comb from chicago comb coYes, I said Carbon. Fiber. Comb. This badass durable comb is suitable for hairs of all arrangements and comes with a leather sheath. If you're in a knife fight and you don't have a knife, you might be able to play the whole "don't make me unsheath this" card. Hey, could work. You never know.

Either way, you can't deny that this comb is a thing of beauty.

From Chicago Comb Co - $34.95

Badass Rings

Freedom ringTo show your love of the good ol' USA, why not pick out a ring that fits your outlaw's lifestyle?

I loved these so much that when I found them, I bought one for Russ immediately (don't tell!). They're just too darn cool and I love him too goldarn much to let this slip by my (or his) fingers. Also, as a funny side note, he has lost 2 wedding rings because we always get 'em too big and we have appropriately active lifestyles. So if you get the "Liberty" ring, you'll be sportin' the same ring Russ has.

From In God we Must - $15 - $70


customized leather flask

Customized Leather Flask

For the bourbon-lover on the go, this customized leather flask is perfect for the in-shower swig.

From InBlue Handmade - Starting at $26

Spicy Tumeric Switchel (ginger, honey and apple cider vinegar) for Bourbon Drinks

For fans of our whiskey soap, cologne, and body wash, this spicy drink syrup is sure to put a warm twist on a hot bath.

From The Hudson Standard - $15


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