| by Danielle Vincent

Independence Day: The freedom to be yourself

This 4th of July, I want to put a little ponderable in your ponder-spot:

You're fricken' amazing.

We built this company so people like us (you're included in that "us") would be able to smell like the things we love: camping, riding, drinking, rousing rabble. No matter where we are or what we're doing - whether we're going to work or hanging out with friends - we wanted to keep a connection with that stuff we love.

Part of that is getting to know what we do love.

Did I expect that I'd like to smell like leather and gunpowder? No, to be quite honest, I did not. And yet, I use our Blazing Saddles soap and lotion every morning. It inspires me and gives me confidence no matter what I'm doing.

And yeah, some people say, "Whoa little lady, that's a mighty manly scent you're wearing." But to me, it's just an awesome way to be. It's awesome to smell like Clint Eastwood walkin' into town.

Part of why we made Outlaw Soaps is so you can be yourself. Whatever that is. Whatever makes you feel most yourself.

So this Independence Day, I want you to celebrate your independence from the expectations and perspectives of other folks. You do you, and kick ass at it.

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