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Clean Getaway Subscription Box has SOLD OUT

Folks, I can honestly say we did not expect the level of enthusiasm and hunger for March's special Clean Getaway Subscription Box, which includes two exclusive bars of soap (this month, it's Cedar Gulch and a sage one I can't remember the name of right now), but also, our first run of deodorant and a sample of our new hair and body wash!

Every month, we forecast exactly how many boxes we need to be ready to make, since soap takes a month to cure, and Russ has to make the soap at the end of the month, a month before we stop selling the soaps. This time 'round, we did not estimate properly, so we are out of the soaps, which means we're out of the subscription boxes.

We don't often tease the contents of the box, but May is a special one, since we'll be releasing the body wash versions of Lust in the Dust and Mountain Hideout. I'm not sure which of these we'll be sending yet, but it'll probably be one of 'em!

Stay tuned!

UPDATE: If you're already a subscriber, FEAR NOT, you'll still get your subscription box! We're sending it on Monday, March 4.

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