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Countdown to Christmas: Day 22 - Sierra Nevada, Mojave, and Campfire Candles

hand-poured candlesI was delighted to receive our shipment of our Limited Edition 1/4 Pint Candles today!

Know how long these little 1/4 pint candles burn? TWENTY HOURS.

These new candles come in three scents:

As indicated by their name ("Limited Edition 1/4 Pint Candles"), these are limited edition hand-poured candles, subtly scented like your favorite things (they aren't going to blow you away with migraine-inducing powerful scent). We're always experimenting with new stuff around here, so if these sound interesting to you, you should get them while they're in stock.

I love these so much I even ordered tea light candles for our Clean Getaway Club Subscription Box (January 1's is going to be amazing) and I'm burning one right now.

(if we have extras, you'll be able to buy them in the Outlaw Labs)

The Road to Renegade, part 100ish

Outlaw Soaps at Renegade Craft Fair in SFAs if things weren't hopping enough here in the Outlaw Hideout, we're getting ready to hitch up the horses for our semi-annual insane pilgrimage to Renegade Craft Fair in LA. It's happening December 12 and 13 in Grand Park. Please consider coming by to give us a hug / a sniff / or just hang out for a bit.

More vaguery about upcoming stuff

I don't even know if anyone is reading these posts so it might not matter, but it's taking ALMOST EVERYTHING I HAVE not to excitedly shriek onto this computer about how thrilled I am for some developments just over the horizon.

I think we'll have some concrete stuff to share by December 15 once we get some ink on paper.

In the mean time, here's a video of fog on Mt. Diablo:

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