handmade candleBy request (I'm lookin' at you, Damon), we're going to be making some very limited release candles this Winter.

You might wonder how we're going to make candles given that candles aren't really in our wheelhouse. Well, as is our custom, we have commissioned an actual candlemaker (see actual candlemaker at right) to make them.

No use in re-inventing the wheel just so we can shove it in our not-our-wheelhouse, right?

Outlaw Soaps Candles make the perfect gift, and particularly the greatest office gift. Where soaps might be a little personal (depending on the recipient), everyone can enjoy a wonderfully scented candle.

We're going to be pre-selling candles by the six-set starting in the next couple weeks so you can get your group-gifting squared away.

Our candles will be available for pre-order in three sizes:

  • Quarter pint - $90 for 6 ($15 ea, reg $18 ea)
  • Half pint - $126 for 6 ($21 ea, reg $25 ea)
  • Full pint - $180 for 6 ($30 ea, reg $35 ea)

If you want to order more than 6, please email me at outlaw@outlawtradingco.com for bulk-er pricing. Basically, we want to be your #1 best favorite most excellent gift place.

I'm obviously not a candleologist (nor have I attended any of the fine Universities in the subject, even recreationally), but I can tell you that these candles are GREAT. I personally have several around the house and they are smooth and beautiful. They are made with paraffin (which has nothing to do with artificial fins, much to my surprise) and the "throw" (that's how far the scent goes from the candle) is delightful without being overpowering.

Lead time for pre-orders / bulk orders is 3 weeks.

The candles are hand-poured into wide-mouth mason jars for maximum rustic charm-per-ounce (plus, you can re-use the jars after the candle burns down). They come wrapped in tissue and in one of our signature burlap bags with twine ties, with a wonderful card suitable for personalization.

Photos are coming soon!

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Danielle Vincent Danielle Vincent
After more than 10 years as a corporate Digital Product Manager for such sites as Oprah.com, ABC.com, and ABCFamily.com, Danielle quit her career and pulled up her rubber gloves to make a living making and selling handmade soap as Outlaw Soaps.



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