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Danielle Vincent

Posted on September 11 2015

Caveats: Free shipping for US only. If your billing address and shipping address are different, please email me about your order after you place it.

Have you tried and loved one of our soaps (like Blazing Saddles, the sexiest soap ever, for example), and were curious about our other soaps, but didn't want to make the commitment of another full size bar?

Have you been a fan of Outlaw Soaps's blog and newsletter for a long time, but haven't quite decided where to start?


This is your day to experience what many have called "the best handmade soap ever," and about which some have said "I was not a soap person until Outlaw Soaps."

Try our most popular six handmade soaps, including the hits like Bacon Soap and Unicorn Poop Soap, Blazing Saddles and Fire in the Hole Campfire Soap, Coffee Soap and even Hair of the Dog Whiskey Soap.

Like Blazing Saddles (the sexiest soap ever and also our most popular soap)? You'll LOVE our Leather / Blazing Saddles Sampler! It includes our leatherily awesome Blazing Saddles Soap, Leather and Sandalwood Shaving Soap, and a Blazing Saddles Solid Lotion Stick-Up.

Like our Fire in the Hole Campfire Soap? You'll be on fire about our Campfire Sampler!

Like Hair of the Dog Whiskey Soap? You'll toast to our Whiskey Sampler!

Enjoy our ruggedly awesome handmade soaps? We have a sampler of our five "rustler lifestyle" soaps!

Enjoy the great outdoors? Get out there and order our three outdoorsy soap samples!

Basically, whatever your interests, we have a sampler for you! (unless your interests are coconut and lavender and vanilla and stuff like that, in which case some other handmade soap company is going to have to help you. There are lots.)

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  • Davy: April 06, 2017

    I’d like to sample the leather and sandalwood shaving soap please.
    Sounds like something Charles Bronson would use.

  • Dona Stanley: November 15, 2016

    I am looking for someone I can purchase homemade soap samples from for gift bags…Is this something you do? I am hoping for a bulk order..if this is something that you do. Could you email me a picture of what your packaging looks like

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