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What goes into a Clean Getaway Club? September's Box: Fred Waite

Fred WaiteThis month's Clean Getaway Club is dedicated to the fascinating character, Fred Waite.

History has painted Fred as some guy who was standing around nearby while a lot of stuff was happening around him, but I have read a half dozen stories and accounts, and they really vary quite a lot.

In this month's box, we consider how one guy, just by leaving the comfort of his tribe and his farm, could bring about the kind of adventures that include being a lawman, a cowboy, and an outlaw.

In the few years he was away from his family, he (and some other people, including Billy the Kid) even started a war (the Lincoln County War).

Included in every box is a well-researched, factual pamphlet called "Outlaws in the Bathroom." Some people have told me they throw it away, but in my honest opinion, the pamphlet is possibly the most important slice of the pie. It ties together the contents of the box so it's beyond just a collection of stuff, it's a tribute to an individual's life and contribution to history.

The pamphlet contains little-known facts about the person, often including things vastly overlooked by Wikipedia. We make an effort to provide a fair and balanced and vigorously-researched view of an individual, regardless of their "place in history."

The contents of the box are all selected or made to tie into the theme of the box.

In the September Clean Getaway Club Box

Fred Waite soap

A little leather, a little sandalwood, and a little gunpowder, this soap (we hope) embodies the spirit of Fred Waite.

“Home” enchanted candle

I’m not one of those woo woo types, but a couple things compelled me to order these fantastic handmade beeswax candles:

  1. They are handmade by a witch and infused with a spell
  2. The spell is supposed to invoke home wherever you are, bringing peace, comfort, and protection.

So, home is truly wherever you are.

This is not just a candle, it's a candle handmade by a real witch under specific celestial conditions that only align every 12 years.

“The Farm Can Waite” card

I made this card to hang in your home, office, or travel trailer wall (stable? roof of your buggy?) to remind you of the lesson of Fred Waite: go have adventures, because the farm will always be there when you want to go back to it.


Next month's Clean Getaway Club subscription box will be a tribute to Bass Reeves, the original Lone Ranger. Yeah, he was a lawman, but he broke so many cultural rules about stereotypes and he is such an interesting historical figure that we're letting his lawfulness slide.

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