Give us a hand to help the handmade soap industry

I try not to mix business and politics, but unfortunately sometimes they have to mix. Case in point: the Personal Care Product Safety Act I wrote about the other day.

In summary, this well-intentioned legislation needs some help to make it small-business friendly. It's not a bad bill, it just needs a little help.

This is where you come in... Over the next month or two (depending on how well this goes over), we'll be including pre-stamped postcards with some orders. We need you to look up your representative and address the cards to them, and then sign the cards. We've left a place for a personal note, too.

Here are the cards:

Your help is important to us! Legislators get thousands of emails every day, and those are easy to delete. But few people send mail these days, and we hope getting hundreds of these cards to the decision-makers will help them carefully consider the bill's contents and re-write it in a way that is favorable for small businesses like ours.

Thanks so much for being our allies in this effort!

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