It's time to come up with some fresh bumper sticker slogans, and this year, we've got a hell of a prize: $100!

Summary: At the bottom of this page, in the comments, submit your idea for a bumper sticker slogan before May 5. Keep it brief and pithy. We decide on our favorites, and a lot of people vote. If enough people vote for yours, you get a $100 credit at

Last Fall's Bumer Sticker Winner

For more info, read on...

Believe it or not, we didn't write all our stickers! Many of them were the result of brilliant customers just like you submitting a brilliant idea and winning a competition.

Here's how it works:

  • In the comments of this page, submit your idea(s) for what would make a great bumper sticker. Just let 'er rip with whatever good-sounding assembling of words comes into your head. This is important: Leave your email address in one of the submissions. If you don't, we won't know how to get in touch with you.
    Remember, this is going on a bumper sticker, so it has to be incredibly brief! The deadline is May 5 at midnight.

  • On May 8, we'll run a quiz, and y'all (along with your friends) will get to vote on the sticker you like best. Voting will go on until May 12 at Midnight.

  • The winner will be published on May 15th and will be announced in our May 15 Outlaw Sentinel newsletter.

FAQ: (at least, theoretically asked frequently)

Q: How brief is brief?

A: A few words... ideally no more than 6. People will be reading this while traveling at highway speeds, and we don't want them to have to get too close to your bumper.


Q: Why are you having submissions all out there in the open in the comments and not as a form?

A: In the event that two people have the same idea for a sticker, I want EVERYONE to see who submitted first, so there is no question. With a name like "Outlaw Soaps," we expect a little suspicion now and again, but we're square shooters and run a fair match.


Q: How do you determine what your "favorite" bumper sticker is? I thought mine was pretty great, but you didn't pick it.

A: Lots of factors go into what makes something right for a bumper sticker, and even more factors go into what makes something right for an Outlaw Soaps bumper sticker. We have to weigh a lot of these factors against each other, including random stuff like copyrights and this new concept we're working on called "appropriateness" (the jury's still out on that one...).

But the judges' decisions are final, so I don't want to hear any sour grapes.


Q: How do you use these bumper stickers?

A: We ship these bumper stickers with every order and to our wholesale accounts. They're a big part of our business and we love 'em very much.


Q: What happens if there's a tie?

A: We've had a tie before, and it's a lucky day when two bumper stickers are so brilliant that they tie for votes. In the event of a tie, the bounty will be split evenly among the winners.


Look, compadre... we're not a big fancy company with huge ol' lawyers. We're just a handful of greenhorns punchin' soaps for a little scratch now and again.

You do not have to purchase anything to win. This competition is not random, but judged by the entire company of Outlaw Soaps. The decision of the judges is final and yeah, we mean it. Deadlines, along with everything else about this little enterprise, are fluid and open to accidental oversight, cornfusion, and general unkemptness. The website, submission methods, voting methods, etc are not real materials and are therefore subject to failure (hey, even real voting is subject to failure, so how are we going to be infallible over here?). In the event that some technical failure results in something getting messed up, we're all just gonna throw our hands up in the air and sigh about those darn internets. And then we'll try to fix the problem, but no-one's gonna get any britches in a bunch, including you. The prize for winning the competition is a $100 credit to There are no other prizes. If we like one of the not-winners enough to use it, we may or may not compensate you for your submission. We'll make our best attempt to contact you if/when you win, but if you don't reply, we can't give you your bounty. However, we'll hold on to your bounty until you do contact us, or until December 31, 2018, whichever comes sooner. If you don't contact us by December 31, 2018, we're going to assume you're making a generous donation to the Outlaw Soaps Home for Disadvantaged Entrepreneurs (i.e. us). You can use your $100 credit for anything except subscription boxes or subscription soaps. Sorry, that's just how the subscriptions work. This competition is open to anyone around the world as long as the competition is legal in your area, but we're not responsible for shipping you your product if you win and we don't ship to your country. Yes, we can transfer it to someone else in the US who can send it to you, we just can't be in charge of that. The value of the prize is $100. We own all submissions to the contest and may use them however we see fit, for as long as we want to. These rules are legal and binding, unless a lawyer tells us they aren't, in which case we were just putting words on a website for fun. Isn't this fun? I've had a swell time.

* If you win the competition.



1. I Smell Like Trouble
2. Shower With Your Six-Gun
3. The Good, The Bad & The Sudsy
4. Foam on the Range
5. Stampede Through the Shower

May 08, 2017


1) Givin’ Outlaws a Clean Slate!

2) A fighting chance to get clean!

3) Clean up and reach for the sky.

4) Every Shower is a New Adventure.

5) Put’s You Back in the Saddle!

6) The Soap that’s Best out West!

7) Lather up, Saddle Up!

May 05, 2017

Bob Lackman:

Voted best smellin town drunk, and proud of it!

May 05, 2017


I brake for Outlaws.

Save water, shower with an Outlaw.

Slippery When Wet.

Freshest Scent In the West.

I’d rather be bathing.

May 05, 2017

Amy M:

You too can smell like an outlaw

Dirty, Rotten, but surprising pleasant smelling.

Wanted: For smelling outdoorsy

Think like an outlaw but smell better

I smell like Whiskey, Women, & Soap

May 05, 2017

Heather Johnson :

1 My favorite Outlaw comes in a Bar
2 I’d Rather Up With You
3 My Campfire Lasts All Day
4 Clamanity Jane Is My Shero

May 05, 2017


there are some amazing entries here! keep ’em coming!!

May 04, 2017


Get dirty while you get clean!

Shower with an outlaw

May 04, 2017

Smelly Cat:

1. Beware of the Outlaw good smellin´ cat!
2. If you´re smelly you ain´t no Outlaw. ;)
3. Smells like Outlaw spirit.
4. For a handful of Outlaw Soaps
5. It´s only Outlaw Soap but i like it.
6. Outlaw abidin´ good smellin´ scoundrel.

May 04, 2017


1. Pry my soap from my clean hands

2. Smellin’ like Dirt, Never been so clean

3. Getting Dirty- Clean up with an Outlaw

4. Clean up like an Outlaw

5. Outlaws do it in the Shower.

May 03, 2017

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