Father's Day Gift Guide

Danielle Vincent

Posted on May 20 2015

Father's Day is June 15! Wondering what to get for Dad? Here are some great Father's Day presents to make Dad clean and happy! We'll even gift wrap it and enclose a custom note with whatever you want us to write.

 The Outlaw's Breakfast:

Outlaw's Breakfast with Bacon and Whiskey Coffee Soap (hair of the dog)  

Is your dad a rough-and-tumble awesome guy? Yeah? He should start his day with some whiskey and bacon, and drink some coffee out of a metal cup! Here's The Outlaw's Breakfast

The Leather and Sandalwood Shaving Kit

Leather and Sandalwood Shaving Kit   This shaving kit is for the manly man. It will probably turn your dad into John Wayne or Steve McQueen. Here's the Leather and Sandalwood Shaving Kit
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