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Posted on August 18 2013

[caption id="attachment_978" align="alignleft" width="350"]Original photo by Mark Dienger Illustration by Lynette May, commissioned by Jon and Cambry Curry Original photo by Mark Dienger
Illustration by Lynette May, commissioned by Jon and Cambry Curry[/caption] I was writing thank you cards this morning. It's a nice way to start the week. Today and yesterday, I've been working on the PILE of thank you cards for the registry gifts we received for our wedding on May 4 (I have a year! don't judge me!). When Russ and I got married, we knew we didn't need a gravy boat or a fancy ladle, but we did need supplies for our business. We went with a registry service that allowed us to pick our own registration gifts and amounts (link: Simple Registry) and added gifts that were useful to us, namely oils, lye, and packaging (we also had some honeymoon stuff in there in case people wanted to give us fancy stuff). We even had a gift for the Trademark filing fee. I was writing to my friend XT and thanking her for the burlap bags, and I realized that whenever I use burlap bags, I think of her. Whenever I use castor oil, I think of Janet the Planet. Whenever I use lye, I think of Elliot (I know other people contributed to the lye, but it brought Elliot the most joy). People gave us everything we needed to start this business out of love, in honor of our event of recognition of that love. The business has truly been built out of love. And a week after the wedding, the illustration you see above arrived in the outlawsmail. Jon and Cambry had commissioned one of their amazing illustrator friends, Lynette May, to interpret a really iconic photo of Russ and I shooting at a target (photo captured by Mark Dienger - see right). That was a wonderful weekend for us, and the photo/illustration really captures us and our spirit. So when you buy Unicorn Poop, you're buying fragrance oils from Audrey and Melinda, olive oil from Erin, coconut oil from Lucinda and Nathan, castor oil from Janet, avocado oil from Hannah, lye from Teresa, wrapped in burlap bags from XT, and put in a cardboard box from Sam N. I am so grateful for the gifts you have given me. They truly make up the gift of a wonderful life. Thank you.
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