Yes, we'll totally ship to the middle of the Northern Nevada desert!


Posted on August 12 2013

soap at brc I've been going to that thing in the desert since 2001 and this is one of two years I've taken off... and the other time was so that I could go to the regional burn in Spain. This year, we're just not going. But that doesn't mean we don't desperately miss our friends (pretty much ALL our friends) who are going out there. So we decided that, despite it almost certainly being the worst idea in the history of ever (since the BRC postal service faces more challenges than any other postal service in the world -- Imagine trying to deliver mail to "Holy Fertile camp between 3 and 3:30 on E behind the giant vagina" when you're experiencing heat stroke, trudging through the mud, and the vagina fell over in the first dust storm), we're going to send mail to the playa. We can't guarantee delivery after the 22nd (who are we kidding... "guaranteeing" anything will be a fucking joke), but you can order and we can send. We'll even include a nice note! And no, the Unicorn Poop won't have glitter.
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