On Soaps and Backorders!


Posted on August 08 2013

dogHere's a picture of our tired and over-excited dog! I'm showing you this picture because I want to have a nice, happy lead in to the subject of BACKORDERS. Some of our soaps have been so popular we have sold out of them or they are otherwise on backorder. You might wonder what this means for your order... will it be shipped partially now? Will it arrive in the middle of the night, accompanied by bandits? Will you ever see your soap? No, no, and yes. In that order. We're making soaps as quickly as we can, but the process of making soaps includes a 30 day cure time. During that time, the soaps are just sitting around being awesome, getting harder, finishing their chemical process, etc etc. Right now, we're only out of Sage Copper Canyon and Blazing Saddles. I have it scheduled to be sent before September 15. If you order Blazing Saddles or Sage Copper Canyon today, along with a lot of other soaps, we're going to delay the entire order until September 15. I'm sorry... it's the only way we can manage shipping costs. If you want to get some soaps earlier, you can do one of two things: 1. contact me and ask me to send them separately, and I'll let you know how much shipping will be 2. make two separate orders (that's my preference) I do GUARANTEE, though, that you'll get your soaps BEFORE the date listed on the site. Anyone who has ordered from us can tell you that even when the Post Office messes up, we get you your order. We are VERY dedicated to making sure you have a good experience with our soaps from every angle. As I like to say, "Our customers are outlaws who actively seek out the scent of fresh gunpowder in the morning... it's not just customer service, it's a survival skill." Thanks for reading. Thanks for being awesome. Thanks for being our customer.
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