I got this in my inbox yesterday:
Today I received my order of Sin O Men soap (plus the bunkhouse stampede sample you threw in there). The soaps smell and look fantastic. You will most definitely have my business again, and my girlfriends business (she pretty much adores the unicorn poop). Thank you very much for the sample, it was completely unexpected. I have also been spreading word of your company around on a very large wetshaving/mens "beauty" forum (badgerandblade.com) so I hope this helps to bring in some more customers. Thank you very much and keep up all the good work, Matt
This made my day, so I had to share!!


Danielle Vincent:

YES! That’s the great holy grail of scents, actually. I’m from Seattle and we have exactly the same… I can even smell it in my memory. And we’ve tried all sorts of fragrances to try to make that, and they just all suck. They’re all kind of floral smelling and not really that nice wet mossy green smell at all. We’re going to keep at it, though.

Thanks for the note!

Dec 30, 2014

Andrew Roberts:

I’m from Toronto Canada. 2 hours north of me is an area known as Muskoka…lots of white and red pine trees, maple trees, oak, birch…and in the mid to late fall, after an afternoon rain, sun obscured by clouds, in the cool (40 degrees F) breeze, the scent of damp, cold leaves, mixed with wet pine needles, dark earth, moss growing thick on the rocks and the faint smell of a hardwood fire in the distance is absolutely Canada to me… a soap idea maybe?

I can’t wait to get my shipment of soaps from you, I love all the descriptions you give!


Dec 30, 2014

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